Kasa Kontempo was created to honor the makers, crafters and artisans. 

Founded by artist & interior designer, Steven Lindel, Kasa Kontempo was born from his loves of craftsmanship and curation.  As an artist, he enjoys crafting unique pieces that add something special to a space. As an interior designer, he loves curating interesting pieces to design spaces that tell a story. Kasa Kontempo is the culmination of combining these two loves. 

Raised in a family of artists and craftsmen, he was inspired to share his passion for art, design and craftsmanship with others so that his passion might become part of your story. 

By partnering with artisan crafters and makers from around the globe paired with our atelier made goods and design ethos, our curated collections hope to find a place in your Kasa.




We curate contemporary decor and home goods pieces from artisans and makers around the globe with a focus on articles with unique qualities that tell a story.
We handcraft luxury home fragrance, concrete decor and artwork in our atelier with a modern sensibility and aesthetic to bring accessible luxury to your home.


We care about communities and our planet. We believe that everyone can have a modern, design forward home while prioritizing sustainable practices.
Whether it is in our own practices from our recyclable and biodegradable packaging and avoiding chemicals in our products that are harmful to the planet or the practices of our carefully selected vendors and makers we curate from, sustainably sound principles are always top of mind.


We honor the artisans, makers and crafters who share themselves through their work.
From our house made goods to partnering with artisans and craftsmen around the world, we bridge artisan techniques with modern aesthetic to showcase articles that that help tell your story.